My Goals and Objectives – French 1002

My three objectives to improve.

  1. For the semester I hope to put more effort in my study time. I definitely need to have better focus since this class is online. Since I have to rely on myself to learn new French skills, I want to set a goal to study at least one-two hours daily per week. I think reviewing the homework and going to the FLRC will help me accomplish this. The FLRC was a great place to take some quiet time to myself or get help from french tutors.
  2. Secondly, I would like to practice with my speech and have future conversations with other French students. I am still uncomfortable and very nervous when it comes to being around others and speaking out loud. I want to be able to have a casual talk with fellow French speakers and understand what they are communicating. Also, I wish my pronunciation to be clear and accurate.
  3. Another goal of mine is to improve my french reading skills and writing.  I want to be able to understand a french article or piece of writing which incorporates the french language. I want to be able to comprehend the material, analyze it, and then focus on a self response in french writing. I think it would be interesting to learn this way and maybe gain more knowledge with french customs.

My strengths

  • I love writing and reading and since I’m an English major I believe this helps me to an advantage with learning French. I am able to structure material in an organized manner and retain information.

My weaknesses

  • I struggle with retaining French vocabulary and french accents. I also struggle with keeping a steady conversation without hesitation. I want to be confident in what I am saying. I know it comes with time though.

How I intend to accomplish my goals.

  • To accomplish my goals I intend to focus on memorizing new vocabulary by using word reference and french apps on my phone. Also, I plan to practice using french phrases and responding to questions with simple answers in my writing. The more I know what I’m writing, the easier it is to retain information.





2 thoughts on “My Goals and Objectives – French 1002

  1. Hello Heather! This is my first semester taking an online French class so I’m also trying to stay focus and complete my assignments in time. Our goals are very similar in how we want to increase our conversations in French. I wish you the best of luck this semester! À bientôt!


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