At the beginning of the semester, I created goals and objectives for French 1002 to help myself focus on what was important for me to improve throughout the class. My main goals were to increase my study time for blog posts and supersite, practice French communication with others, and develop my French reading and writing skills. So far, I am satisfied with my progress in some of my goals but in others I still lack concentration.
For starters, I will mention the supersite homework has been pretty tough for me. Last semester was a breeze compared to this one. In all honestly, I still am struggling to increase my study time. I do my best to take at least 2 days to finish the 2-3 hours of homework but that still isn’t enough time. Especially with the voice thread questions, blog posts, and responses to other student’s blogs every week. I rarely leave an assignment unfinished but lately I haven’t been so focused. I feel like the underlying factors to this issue are somewhat work related, personal, and I have also failed to visit the FLRC like I did last semester. For the remainder of the class, I have come to the decision to try to complete at least 30 min of supersite homework each day of the week. If I can accomplish this, then by the end of the weekend I should be good to go. I believe this change will keep me from having to rush to finish all the material on Sundays. It might even give me the chance to have a little extra time to review.
Secondly, I believe I am meeting my goal requirements for practicing communication skills with other French students. With the student blogs, I can give feedback and also read feedback from others. Although I haven’t gotten the chance to have a conversation in French with someone in person, I consider the written blogs to be really helpful. It is an easy way to communicate and determine if what your communicating is accurate for someone else to understand. I have enjoyed reading other student’s comments. It definitely makes me feel like my hard work is being noticed. I also get to practice speech within the animated presentations which gives me the opportunity to speak out loud and practice pronunciation. Professor McLaughlin states, “My pronunciation is too American” and that’s ok. I kind of understand what he means. I still struggle with hesitating when speaking in full sentences but I feel like I am trying my best in this area. Wordreference has definitely been beneficial for me in reviewing my pronunciation. Now I just need to work on my vowels and not pronounce the final “s.” It is definitely a hard habit to break but hopefully visiting the FLRC will aid in these faults.
Finally, I consider myself to have exceeded my written composition and reading comprehension skills. I definitely have improved since last semester. I have increased my awareness on using correct accents and developed the past, present, and future tenses. I have also learned to write compound sentences and correct spelling errors. The written composition blog posts are a perfect example in which I have taken the time to edit and revise my mistakes. Additionally, I analyze the information from other students and gain new knowledge on French customs, events, clothing, etc. I hope to continue my success by keeping a steady focus and examining new vocabulary.

One thought on “RÉFLEXION ET RÉVISION – French 1002

  1. Small bits of focused practice every day is the best way to go! Sounds like you have some excellent plans and are making good progress, bravo!

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