French 1002 – Learning Portfolio

Learning Portfolio


My name is Heather and my major at Kennesaw State University is English. I am currently a Senior continuing my education in Human Resources. I am taking French because it is required that I take a specific foreign language in order to graduate for my English degree. Also, I have always been interested in traveling on different journeys to Paris, Morocco, and Lyon for fun. It would be interesting to go site seeing and to the most famous tourist attractions a  I think the French language is very beautiful and I would love to have some knowledge of the language before I voyage. I chose my three samples of work because they represent the material that challenged me the most throughout the semester. I felt these assignments share how far I have come since the beginning and uncover my strengths. These samples of work relate to my goals because I have learned to write French in full sentences effectively, use accents and feminine vs. masculine appropriately, and speak French in suitable phrases with proper pronunciation.

Interpretive Activity: Vidéo « À quoi ça sert de faire du sport? 

Describe. The assignment given online was the first visual activity of the semester. I was told to interpret a video on “À quoi ça sert de faire du sport?” that was created in French and cartoon animations. The video shares key words, a main idea, and French sports and cultural activities. I completed the assignment by focusing on the information announced within the video and referencing the correct material to express French cultural perspectives.

Evaluate. I think the activities strength was the existing information indicated in the video. The main idea of the animation gave an idea of what questions to answer on the worksheet. The weakness of the activity was the quickness of speech from the narrator which created a difficulty in my comprehension. I believe watching the video multiple times helped me recognize the important information I needed in order to complete the assignment. Repetition is helpful when trying to learn good communication. I think the element that was most frustrating was not knowing if I identified key words or phrases correctly. It is understandable that the video is not meant to be easily comprehended. It is a good step into learning French speech and conversation.

Reflect. This video was beneficial by me gaining knowledge on why it is important to French to stay active in sports and activities. They believe it is important to maintain your health and how it can be beneficial physically and psychologically. The minor disadvantages would be to lose so much energy that you could possibly hurt yourself. Also, practicing sports and activities with friends and family is fun. It can develop good teamwork and sportsmanship. US and French have similar sports.

Future Application. The next time I watch a similar video I will change my approach by focusing on key terms and phrases that are important. I will be more open to listening for the accurate material and try to translate using wordreference. The more times you listen to a video the more you understand it. It takes time, which is okay.

Written Composition: Un parc à visiter

Describe. The written assignment was a way to gather information from the web and build a written blog about which French park or garden you would like to visit. The assignment was a conversation in order to give full descriptions of the park/garden, when you visited it, and why you chose to go there. The collection of information divided by headers, an introduction, and conclusion was constructed to engage an audience. This blog insisted on the audience to travel and visit to the park or garden as well.  I chose to visit Claude Monet’s beautiful garden and home in Giverny, France. The objectives of this assignment was to use simple words and short phrases to complete full sentences. I completed this assignment by studying the garden, who made it, and record my experience by using pictures.

Evaluate. I believe this activity was very beneficial to my learning. The strengths of this activity was giving me the opportunity to gain knowledge of a French park/garden and how to appropriately explain how wonderful Claude Monet’s garden is in the past tense. I think practicing my written French online definitely made me comfortable in expressing my own thoughts.

Reflect. This activity was most helpful in acknowledging popular French attractions or tourist areas. The parks and garden are special because they involve fun and entertainment for anyone any age. The main importance of learning to write French correctly is being able to get your message across clearly by having your information organized. This activity definitely gave me confidence and encouraged me to succeed with my goals for the class. It was a fun assignment.

Future Application. I would change my approach for future written material by taking more time to incorporate key words, phrases, and descriptions from the textbook.

Animated Presentation: Mon Carnaval 

Describe. This activity was a two-three-minute video presentation built from Adobespark. The video was to create a power point video including pictures and phrases in order to fully explain the main idea of the assignment. The main idea was to: describe a carnival you attended in French and describe your experience. It gave me the knowledge in describing the activities of the carnival, where it took place, and when it took place. Once I collected all my information and organized it I added cool images to show the carnival. Then, once the power point was finished, I created a recording to explain the material on each slide.

Evaluate. The assignment’s strength was helping me to learn about the cultural perspectives and activities of the carnival, Mardi Gras, in New Orleans. I preferred this carnival the most because it looked like the most fun and have always wanted to visit. I was able to clearly design a presentation to enhance my skills with simple sentences and my French speech. I had to take my time when researching my material on the carnival but the website my professor provided helped. It was definitely time consuming to put the entire activity together and then record the material. I probably recorded myself at least 50 times before completing it. But, I did it!

Reflect. This assignment was helpful because it helped me learn how to successfully make a recording and presentation properly. I was able to practice my speech continuously until I was comfortable with the outcome. I also liked building a presentation based off of pictures because it made the activity a little more enjoyable.

Future Application. I would change my approach for future assignments similar to this presentation by not procrastinating until the last minute to collect all my information. I would be more organized in building my power point and use as little text as possible. I would also incorporate an engaging introduction and conclusion for my audience.


Describe. I believe this course was a great experience because it gave me the knowledge in being able to to fully communicate French to an audience through my blog. I am always nervous when communicating out loud information that I am not certain of, so it definitely built my confidence a little more presenting video blogs. It took a lot of time, patience and practice to complete them. In the end, I always felt like I had accomplished walking over a big stepping stone. I admired myself for my finished work. I was very optimistic about learning the French language and getting a step closer to the next course level. I can only imagine how much more intense 2001 is going to be but I know it will continue to be beneficial to my education.

Advise. The advice I have for myself and other students is to continuously practice the French language and pronunciation skills. Understand the difference between feminine vs. masculine, present tense vs. future tense, differentiate verbs vs. adjectives, and create appropriate interjections when conversing with a partner. Also, watch out for the “é” and final “s.” I continuously find myself making certain small mistakes from these different categories. Focus on language control by developing phrases and opening a conversation as well as creating a positive way to end them. Practice written skills as much as possible. The advice to my professor is to give the class a guide of terms during the semester for each student to focus on. I would like to have worksheets to develop my memorization skills on French terms/words so I may retain the information more easily. Maybe even suggest apps to try in order to engage the students. The homework is great but the more specific the better our French could be.

Connect. I consider this class to relate to my other studies by enhancing my communication skills and developing my research skills. I able to effectively create a rough draft document, gather criticism/helpful notes from my professor and classmates, and then make the corrections as needed in a final revision. Also, this class gives me the strength to work well with others by communicating French through social media and blogs. It is always beneficial to speak another language especially when deciding on a new career choice.